Comprehensive Tire Inspections

Regular tire inspections are vital for all drivers who want to ensure smooth operations behind the wheel. Tires are just like many other things in that they call for occasional replacement. If your tires are no longer in tiptop condition, prompt replacement service is of the essence. It can be smart to purchase brand new tires. It can also help to balance and mount them correctly.

People frequently need new tires in the event of tired tread. If your tire tread is honestly no longer what it used to be, you need to take immediate action. 

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Enjoy a Comfortable Ride in the 2018 Ford Edge

The dimensions of the 2018 Ford Edge make it a happy medium between the Escape and the Explorer. Whether your family has multiple children in car seats or your family has more than two adults, the cabin of this two-row crossover is spacious enough for everyone. With the 2018 upgrade of the Ford Edge came more choices including the SEL Sport Appearance package. The Ford Edge is also now available in two new colors including Lightning Blue and Blue Metallic.


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The 2018 Ford Fusion Is an Exciting Midsize Sedan for Local Drivers

The 2018 Ford Fusion maintains its status as a front-runner in the category of midsize sedans. The car was built with the ability to provide a variety of options to new car shoppers who expect to get the most for their money. Those in the market for a top-end affordable sedan will be thrilled with the versatility of the new Ford Fusion.

New car buyers expect a certain level of quality and diversity when they are preparing to spend their money. Manufacturers of the 2018 Ford Fusion anticipated the critical expectations of car buyers.

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Plan Your Holiday Road Trip with These Travel Tips

One of the more important things you can do before you get ready to leave on your road trip is to start planning for trouble with your vehicle. Here are some essential road trip planning safety tips from our team at Cochran Ford to consider before you leave.

Stop over to our Natrona Heights, PA showroom so we can make certain your ride is ready for this upcoming journey!

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What Do The Dashboard Warning Lights Mean?

Every vehicle has dashboard warning lights from the oil or brake lights to indicating your door is open. Every model's dashboard lights vary, so it is suggested that if you aren't sure what it means, check your owner's manual.

Some of the most common warning lights and their meanings are:
  • Check Engine Light- this light indicates that the engine computer has a set diagnostic trouble code. When this light is on it usually requires a diagnosis from a professional scan tool.
  • ABS Light- usually indicates that the Anti-Lock brake computer has a set code and requires a…
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Schedule Your Tire Rotation Today

If you need a few reasons to get the tires to the local service center to be rotated, these should help give you an idea why this is something that should not be neglected.
1. The tires need to wear in an even pattern if they are going to be in a better position to be grabbing the road in slick conditions.
2. As the tires are wearing incorrectly because they were not rotated, what happens is you feel the car pulling more each day you leave the condition to persist.
3. One negative aspect of allowing the tires to…
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Staying comfortable on your road trips with pets

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​Keeping everyone comfortable on a long road trip is a difficult task. All your human passengers need to use the bathroom or take breaks at different times -- it can be a challenge to accommodate everyone while still making good time on the road. Unfortunately, our pets are the most often ignored on these long trips.

Here are a couple quick tips to make sure your furry friend is comfortable without soaking up too much time.
  • Cats and dogs were not designed to sit like humans were for long periods of time. Whenever one person in the car wants to take…
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